Monday, January 11, 2016

We're back... and straight down to business #brainstorming for January!

January is a time for New Year's Resolutions - setting out new plans and objectives for the year ahead, and readying ourselves for new possibilities.  This year, SWIBN is starting off on a theme which matters to our members - being better business owners - by learning new skills and dusting off any pesky issues we're experiencing in business.  

With a room full of experts, what better way to kickstart a new year?

This month, we'll focus specifically on your business queries - and you can submit areas or questions you might have via our anonymous "postbox".   January's #SWIBNTuesday will workshop those business queries that leave you stumped - through our table workshop format.  

As this is something you've told us you like, we'll also commit to running mini-sessions during our networking sessions at other #SWIBNTuesday events.

Don't forget to book your spot - hop over to our Eventbrite reservation page here.