Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BPW National Conference - The Family in Ireland 2011; Challenge or Opportunity

Business and Professional Women's Association announce the launch of their National Conference on 22nd September 2011, in Galway, at the Meyrick Hotel. BPW Ireland will hold a Conference that explores the Family in Ireland 2011; Challenge or Opportunity.
The line up includes six excellent speakers and the Conference will be opened and MC'd by Mrs Fionnuala Kenny. The Conference will be of interest to parents, older people, families under financial and other strain, immigrant families and professionals engaged with any of these groups. In Sligo we have had an excellent and long relationship with the voluntary work of BPW. We would encourage SWIBN members to support the day, enjoy the opportunity to network with colleagues in Galway and meet new people from all the counties of Ireland.


Gina said...

I attended the conference. Really enjoyed it, thought all the speakers were very well pitched. I could easily understand and relate to what they were saying. I thought the conference was run very well. It was on time. I learnt a lot about how to approach financial difficulties. That was the best event. Still I liked the other events. Well done to the organisers. Gina

business development program said...

i attended the conference. i really enjoyed it. i could easily understand and co-relate what they are saying. the conference run very well.

Manfred said...

i attended the seminar. really enjoyed it. I thought the conference was run very well.